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Fishing Charters Santorini

Sent us an email and request your date for the dreamy Fishing charter in Santorini!


Choose with Fishing in Santorini package suits you best and contact us to request for availability. That simple! or give us a call and ask directly all you need to know about our Santorini Fishing Charters.

Santorini Fishing Charters – Half Day

3 hours – 390 €

Santorini Fishing Charter – 3 hours is the minimum of hours that we can offer a Fishing charter in Santorini for.

In this package we include

  1. Fishing equipment
  2. Snorkeling equipment
  3. Wine  & Soft Drinks
  4. Snacks in case you are thirsty.
  5. and Towels
  6. Pick up from your Hotel to the port our boat will be docked.

 Of course you can always request for more hours of Fishing in Santorini. The longer you fish the more fish you will catch! Pick up from your hotel is included.

Santorini Fishing Charters – Full Day

6 hours – 700 €

The Full day Santorini Fishing Charters are always an unforgettable adventure!

This package includes

  • Cruising for 6 hours
  • Snacks
  • Wine & Soft Drinks
  • Grill on board to Grill all the fish you catch
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fishing Equipment for up to 6 people at a Time.
  • Pick up from your hotel TO the port.
  • Bigger Chance for more Fish!

After the Fishing charter in Santorini, You can keep all the fish you caught or we can take you to  a traditional Greek tavern that will cook your fish for you and you can eat it with pride that you caught your own food!

Santorini Tuna Excursion

6 hours – 700€

The Santorini Tuna Excursion  is a Fishing package for the hardcore fishermen, 6 hours straight fishing till there are no more fish to catch! You will get to keep the fish you caught if you like or cook them at the local Greek tavern or on board while fishing for more Tuna! and enjoy them with your Captain and his crew.

 This package includes

    • Cruising for 6 hours
    • Snacks
    • Wine & Soft Drinks
    • Grill on board for all the fish you catch
    • Towels
    • Snorkeling equipment
    • Fishing Equipment for up to 6 people at a Time.
    • Pick up from your hotel TO the port.
    • Bigger Chance for more Fish!

Caldera RIB Cruising

5 hours – 650 €

If Fishing is not your thing, Santorini boat trips are the activity for you, You have the chance to rent a RIB boat with a Captain for 5 hours or more and cruise all around Santorini and into the Caldera,


Visit the Black, Red and white sandy beaches of Santorini, See the Indian Man figure on the mountain, Snorkel at the Crystal clear waters of Akrotiri, Swim at the Hot springs into the Volcano of Santorini and get the most natural Face Mask from the Volcanic mud, The Anti-Aging Mud will do miracles to your Skin! After we can stop at Thirassia for Lunch if you are hungry and we will drop you off at any port of your choice.

This Package includes

  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Soft drinks
  • Snacks
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Transfer To your Hotel after the Cruise.
  • All fees for the boat are included in the price.

Cruise Ship Excursions.

Fira port – Ammoudi port – Athinios port

The Santorini cruise ship excursions are a gateway service to save time exploring Santorini while you are on a cruise. The only ways to get to the main land of Santorini from the Old port of Fira (Skala) where the ship docks is the donkeys and the cable car. But those always have long lines that might take up to 2 precious hours of your time in Santorini. By taking a water taxi of Santorini to Ammoudi port which is in Oia, You are sure that you will be on top of the ports in a few minutes and will get to see the famous Oia right away!

Private Yacht Cruise

5 hours 1,200 €

This type of Cruise includes Starts from Vlychada port and continues around the island of Santorini to the most interesting  sight-seeing itinerary we’ve put together for you, You will get to see All the beaches of Santorini  We’ll take you to see sights that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see on land. You can take pictures at the small cave churches of 7 pedes and St. Gerasimos.  See the “Indian man” on the mountain, Visit Thirassia island and Aspronisi(The white pumice stone island with the private beach cruise between the volcanoes and swim in the hotsprings.

Package inclusions

  • Pick up from your Hotel and Back to your Hotel from the port.
  • Towels on board.
  • Lunch on board.
  • Snorkeling Equipment.
  • Music on board of your choice.
  • Boat Fees.


  • Passenger’s names.
  • Passport numbers.
  • Big Smile!


The Semi Private Fishing tours, 5 hours Cruise it includes:

  • Local wine (White and Red) Beers Soft drinks coffees and water.
  • Lunch or Diner (Fresh Fish, Salads Grilled local veggies and feta cheese.
  • Fishing and Snorkeling Equipment
  • Traditional Fishing with Nets , Fishing Traps and Fishing Rods.
  • The fish you can take with you or eat on board.
  • Up to 10 people on board.
  • 15 Meters long boat, Cabin, Bathroom and Kitchen.

The Cruises start either at 10AM or 3:30PM

In the price of the ticket is unlimited food and drinks included


For Further information regarding any of our Cruises please feel free to contact us via Email or Call.